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Living Underwater takes pride in providing divers with outstanding customer service, a personalized, fun and safe Cozumel diving experience! Whether it's your first Cozumel dive or your 100th, our knowledge of the reefs, coral, and the marine life will give you a new perspective of the underwater world.

Jeremy Anschel, Owner/Divemaster

Jeremey & Moshe

Originally from Minnesota, Jeremy first visited Cozumel in 1994. After his first visit and first dive on Cozumel's reefs, Jeremy knew that this is where he wanted to be. In 2000, Jeremy moved to Cozumel. His career with Living Underwater began as a divemaster. In 2004 he took over the dive operation. As the owner, operations manager, primary divemaster and instructor, Jeremy IS Living Underwater!

When not diving, Jeremy and his wife spend their time raising their two children and a chocolate labrador.

Our Boat

Jew Fish

Cozumel diving, the Living Underwater way

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